What is Music Therapy?

The GML defines Music Therapy as follows:

Music therapy consists in using music to further, to develop and to re-establish people’s physical and mental balance.

It mobilises resources and its aim is to optimise the quality of life through dealing with problems on a different level or
through supporting a healing process.

As a non-verbal means of expression and communication, music appeals to people’s emotions; it stimulates cognitive
as well as social and creative abilities, which will in turn allow the person to deal with the conflicts and challenges in life.

Due to the different parameters of music, music therapy, whether active and/or receptive, generates intra-psychic and
relational processes. According to the respective need, a qualified music therapist approaches these processes in
verbal or non-verbal, in individual or group therapy sessions.

Music Therapy belongs to the group of arttherapies. Based upon psychotherapeutic schools and on the music therapist’s own training, the methods used in music therapy include elements from psychodynamic, behavioural, systemic, holistic-humanist and integrative concepts.

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