A testimonial from an intern

by Gohar Matevosyan

I would like to express my gratitude to Luxembourg’s Music Therapy Association for giving me the
opportunity to carry out my internship in Luxembourg and to share about my valuable experience there.
I am Gohar Matevosyan, a music therapy master’s student from “SRH Heidelberg University”. For my first
professional internship I applied to many places and happily I got accepted from Luxembourg’s Music
Therapy Association. Even though English is not one of the official languages of the country, they gave me
a chance to do my internship in English which was the first great thing. The second one was the
professional team of association. They were very responsive, flexible, and supportive. I was lucky to have
Mr. Olivier MALLACH as my supervisor from whom I have learnt a lot, he was open and willing to share
his experience and always found time for my questions and needs. The president of the association Mrs.
Isabelle Toussait-Dartavelle was extremely helpful organizing my stay and making everything possible for
a young student who really wants to learn and develop in this profession. So, I consider myself very lucky
to have this opportunity to learn and grow in such a favorable environment and collaborate with these
amazing people.
During my internship I had a chance to work in three different refugee camps. Mr. MALLACH
represented me the program “Matenen” a music therapy project for and with young refugees and asylum
seekers in Luxembourg, which is a special collaboration program by Luxembourg’s Music Therapy
Association and Luxembourg’s Red Cross.1
It was a valuable experience to work with refugee population
and to gain knowledge and experience from Mr. MALLACH who is a great music therapist and expert of
this field.
On top of that, from 10-16th October I participated in “Mental Health Week” workshop in
Luxembourg organized by Luxembourg’s Music Therapy Association and Luxembourg’s Art Therapy
Association. On 27th November I participated in “Musical pedagogy and/ or music therapy” workshop in
Luxembourg, which was a big event organized my Luxembourg’s Music Therapy Association. It mainly
discussed the future possibilities of including music therapy as an inclusive education in music schools.
These events allowed me to meet many professionals, and policy makers from different countries and to
get more information about the system in their countries which was a great opportunity to build a
professional network which is very important and necessary for students just starting their career in music
To sum up, I am very happy and grateful for having this experience working with Luxembourg’s
Music Therapy Association, and for being a part of this professional team even for a short time, for gaining
appropriate knowledge and developing my professional skills during my internship. And last, but not the
list, I really enjoyed my stay in Luxembourg, such a beautiful country with kind and warm people. It was
an unforgettable experience on my way to becoming a music therapist.

1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHeUjX3O8ug&t=242s