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Ann Majerus

Before the elections in October 2023, the GML, together with the ALAtD, asked a few questions to the political parties in order to find out about their intentions about reglementation of the arts therapies. Read their answers below.

Answers from political parties



Déi Gréng

Déi Lénk


Ann MajerusBy Ann MajerusJanuary 30, 20241 Minute

Ann Majerus

The register for music therapists of the GML, the GMLR, is an important step towards regulation of the profession. Registration is highly recommended for music therapists. The register is in line with the Standards of the EMTC

You will find all information and instructions about the registration in the documents below:

GMLR 2022-Procédure d’enregistrement

GMLR 2022-Formulaire d’enregistrement

GMLR 2022-Droits d’enregistrement

GMLR 2022-Définition de la musicothérapie

2022_Code de déontologie

GMLR 2022 Fiche de métier

GMLR 2022-Conditions d’enregistrement

GMLR 2022- Lexique

GMLR 2022-Tableau récapitulatif

Ann MajerusBy Ann MajerusJuly 20, 20221 Minute